• This 4 week class is taught online and will be accessible to students on Nov. 1, 2011  Students may take this course anytime any day because they are 4 pre recorded lesson modules.  Students will interact with the teacher using  our vanished.com “Hard to Find” class forum which is for signed up students only.
    • We begin by an analysis of each student’s present level of research. Students send this information to the teacher prior to the start of class. This allows the teacher to analyze the research and be able to instruct the student on research sources to look at during the course.
    • Why a well thought out Genealogy research plan helps you find difficult to find ancestors.
    • Single document analysis.
    • Using less known databases
    • Finding missing ancestors by using multi document analysis techniques.
    • How to use advanced methods of photo analysis to find an ancestor.
    • Advanced Internet Genealogy research methods
    • Understanding record depositories.
    • Using advanced record finding techniques on the Internet.
    • At the end of the class each student will receive an evaluation of what resources they should use for their specific project
    • COST OF THIS CLASS IS $9.00  When you click on the button it takes you to the order page be sure to scroll down to enter your credit card information.


Since the class is pre taped and online you can take it whenever you want.  There are four lesson modules.  You dialog with the teacher by accessing  our vanished.com  “Finding a hard to find ancestor” forum where you can ask questions and the teacher will respond.

This class is taught by Terry Houghland M.A. Terry has taught Genealogy classes at Scottsdale and Mesa Community Colleges since 1988.  He is also the ownerof Vanished.com a Genealogy community portal.


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