Andrea Fishman |  October 27, 2010

This year has never been bigger for social media. Facebook has more than 500 million active users, Twitter obtains over 300,000 new users a day, and YouTube exceeds 2 billion views per day. Devices designed to support social media, from Droids to iPads, are selling out before they hit the market. Even old standby brands like Old Spice are finding a new home in social media.

This evolving gateway into user-generated content is a behavioral marketer’s dream. Social media users take great care to self-identify themselves in painful detail – from where they like to eat to the bands they follow and where they went to college. They have a growing propensity to divulge all of their likes and dislikes, and they share their feelings and perspectives (good and bad) with anyone who will listen, not just a small group of friends or family. Imagine any other data set giving you so much rich detail to help tailor your ads and offer.

The challenge is to find the appropriate opportunity for behavioral targeting, without seeming to be too invasive or acting like a virtual stalker.

Targeting the Big Three

Each of the big three social networks has unique characteristics that open the door to extensive behavioral opportunities – from campaign extensions to standalone social campaigns.


Among the thousands of Facebook applications, “status updates,” “horoscope readings,” and “top friends” are among the most popular. Each of these provides insight into user likes and behaviors. For example:

* A status update can serve as a mirror of interests a person has if they are seeking car advice, movie plans, or personal thoughts.
* A horoscope reading could tip marketers in promoting ads for birthday parties and discounts around that person’s birthday.
* The “top friends” application can give insight to who has influence on a particular consumer and the interest shared with friends.

Creating a compelling Facebook presence and gaining these users as “Fans” or “Likers” will enable you to monitor the sentiment and conversations that drive these interactions. [read the rest here]


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